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MySQL Hosting Made Easy At A2 Hosting

MySQL Hosting Made Easy At A2 Hosting!

MySQL is the world’s most popular Open Source database solution. MySQL simplifies the organization, storage and retrieval of information from a database. The better part of the most widely used open source solutions like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla each require a MySQL backend. Why? They each use MySQL to store all of your websites’ blog posts, articles, pages, visitor comments etc. It also ensures that requests for the stored information can be made in a timely manner.

PHP is an open source scripting language that when used with MySQL creates dynamic web pages, or ones that alters based upon the site visitor. PHP scripts are used to select, import, edit and delete information within your MySQL database.

Do you want to host a dynamic website? Does MySQL Hosting and managing MySQL databases sound complex? It doesn’t need to be thanks to the cPanel control panel included with every Web Hosting account at A2 Hosting. cPanel is a user-friendly control panel that simplifies the process of hosting a website. Some of the tools found in this control panel include those that help you manage your domains, files and your MySQL databases.

cPanel resources for managing your MySQL databases include:

  • MySQL Database Wizard: Walks you through the processes of setting up user privileges for MySQL.
  • phpMyAdmin: phpMyAdmin is the ultimate tool for managing your MySQL databases. Create, modify, search and delete your MySQL tables and fields thanks to phpMyAdmin.
  • *Remote MySQL: Permits external web servers entry to your MySQL databases.

Want to really simplify your administration of MySQL? A2 Hosting also offers Softaculous. Softaculous is a program that you use to install programs like Drupal, WordPress and Joomla with one click of your mouse. That way you don’t even have to concern yourself with MySQL at all.

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